Thermotech 131

Industrial Parts  /  TTG131 Sintered Friction Plates

TT131 is a bronze/brass based sprinkled sintered friction material for wet running applications. This friction lining was designed to provide stable friction values under high surface pressure at low speed. Also to meet environmental needs it is lead free.

  • Good wear resistance
  • Stable coefficient of friction under high load
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent friction stability in high performance oils
  • Differential clutches
  • High load clutches
  • Surface finish < 2.0μm Ra (80μ")
  • Steel hardened & tempered
  • Cast steel
  • Grey cast iron


7.0 N/mm2 (1,015 lbf/in2)
25.0 N/mm2 (3,625 lbf/in2)
25 m/s (82 ft/sec)

2.0 mm (0.080") max
0.30 mm (0.011") min

Friction Diameter 600 mm (24") max

Coefficient of Friction
0.10 - 0.13
Dynamic 0.08 - 0.12


The above test data is provided for informational purposes and represents standards in controlled laboratory settings. Actual performance will vary by application and operating conditions.