Robotics Market

Robot shipments reached new heights, with 10,730 robots valued at $507 million shipped to North American customers in the opening quarter of the year. This represents growth of 22 percent in units and three percent in dollars over the same period in 2017.

ProTec has deep experience developing and delivering high-tech friction materials and parts for robotic brakes and clutches.

We work closely with R&D and production engineers to tailor precision solutions for virtually any collaborative robotics application, from PFLRs to aerospace armatures to surgical devices to material handling and many others.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS PFLRs, Collaborative, Positioning, Armatures, Surgical, Pay Load Handling, Machine Tending

Our Optimum Kevlar Material

Our TF1600 Kevlar material is tailored to the robotics industry. It has powerful and consistent friction performance, smooth engagement, noise and wear free, 80% Kevlar content – non-metallic, and it’s available as thin as 0.020”.

TF1600MC2 High aramid non-metallic

Other Featured Friction Materials

TF202-N Injection molded medium organic

TF2666 High static friction

TTC141 Complex carbon composite

TTP120 Advanced friction paper

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