Commercial Aerospace/Aviation

ProTec serves the commercial aerospace/aviation sector with friction materials from the prosaic to the exotic. This is currently on of our fastest growing segments.


  • Seat-Back Brakes
  • Helicopter Blade Control
  • Satellite Robotics
  • Steel Brake Rings & Insulators

Our Optimum Kevlar Material

Our TF1600 Kevlar material is tailored to the robotics industry. It has powerful and consistent friction performance, smooth engagement, noise and wear free, 80% Kevlar content – non-metallic, and it’s available as thin as 0.020”.

TF1600MC2 High aramid non-metallic

Other Featured Friction Materials

TF202-N Injection molded medium organic

TF2666 High static friction

TTC141 Complex carbon composite

TTP120 Advanced friction paper

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