GKT Kevlar

ProTec’s Guardian Kevlar Transit Extra Heavy Duty 28,660-lb axle-rated material is a powerful severe service block. GKT offers enhanced friction performance for maximum stopping power with low lining and drum wear rates across all temperature ranges. ProTec’s unique blend of insulating fibers, bonding resins and advanced graphites transfer heat away from lining/drum, minimizing brake fade and noise.

GKT features a long kevlar textile fiber length, which reduces the unit loading on the organic materials in the friction mix and extends wear life by 30% compared to OE premium linings.

All linings are produced in ISO-9001, V20008 quality control standards.

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GKT Kevlar

GKT High Performance Kevlar Specifications

Friction Average SAE-J661A
Normal (to 450 F) 0.54
Hot (450-650 F) 0.46

GAWR: 28,660 Lbs @ 195 AL

Temperature Range: 800 degrees F

Drum Use Ratio: Positive

Stopping Power: Superior

Resistance to Fade: Excellent

Hot Stop Effectiveness: Excellent

Cold Stop Effectiveness: Excellent

Recovery: Excellent

Swell and Growth: SAE-J160 Max: 0.007”-0.009”

The above test data is provided for informational purposes and represents standards in controlled laboratory settings. Actual performance will vary by application and operating conditions.