OEM Industrial Brake and Clutch

ProTec develops friction solutions for brake and clutch applications of every size and duty cycle. These range from as small as clutch/brakes on intricate robotic systems up to cranes and shovels the size of an apartment building.

ProTec can develop application-specific solutions for many brake and clutch types, including the following:

Caliper Brakes: hydraulic, air, mechanical, etc.

Centrifugal Clutches: lawn and garden, power sports

Electromagnetic Brakes: spring apply / solenoid release, etc.

Holding Brakes / Static Brakes: disc, band and drum type

Powershift Transmission and Multi-Plate Service Brake: friction plates for all applications

Tension Brakes: wind turbine yaw brake, etc.

Water Cooled Brakes: drawworks, etc.

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