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In addition to supplying friction to some of the world’s leading industrial brake and clutch manufacturers, ProTec designs friction solutions that are specially engineered for hundreds of applications, from door openers, to fishing reels, hydroelectric turbines and food mixers.

Following summarizes many of the brake and clutch categories that ProTec can develop for your individual application.

Electromagnetic Brakes: safety shutdowns, etc.

Motor Brakes: spring apply / solenoid release, etc.

Water-cooled Brakes: paper mill, tensioners, etc.

Caliper Brakes: hydraulic, air, mechanical, etc.

Holding Brakes: disc, band and drum type

Tension Brakes: web tensions, ship to ship, etc.

Torque Limiters: for PTO’s, power tools, etc.

Static Brakes: gantry cranes, elevators, etc.

Friction Washers: controller stabilizers, etc.

Press Brakes: normal and high-speed type

Pneumatic Brakes: oil field, historic aircraft, etc.

Hydraulic Brakes: on and off highway vehicles

Wet Clutch/Brakes: selection of materials tailored for application

Dry Clutch/Brakes: OEM quality, high performance motorsport

Centrifugal Clutches: lawn and garden, power sports

Limited Slip Differential: OEM type / motorsport applications

Auto Transmission & Power Shift Clutches: friction plates for all applications

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