Thermotech 128

TTP128 has a structure of highly conductive fibers designed to provide outstanding thermal capability. The use of porous carbonaceous materials improves the stability of the torque curve over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

  • Low ratio of static to dynamic coefficient of friction for enhanced engagement characteristics
  • Smooth engagement
  • Excellent energy capability
  • Good wear resistance

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Wheel Brakes, LSD, Transmission Clutch

MATING MATERIAL Steel Hardened & Hampered, Cast Steel, Grey Cast Iron
Surface Finish < 0.5μm Ra (20μ")

Friction Material Data

Static 0.09 – 0.13
Dynamic 0.11 – 0.13

Max Dynamic Pressure 4.5 N/mm2 (464 lbf/in2)
Max Rubbing Speed 45 m/s (130 ft/sec)
Max Specific Power 4.0 W/mm2 (3.4 HP/in2)


  • Grooves can either be pressed or machined
  • Multi-pass tangential groove patterns in variety of configurations

Friction Thickness 0.50mm (0.02″) ~ 1.20mm (0.05″)
Friction Diameter 1,200 mm (39″) max / 50 mm (2″) min

The above test data is provided for informational purposes and represents standards in controlled laboratory settings. Actual performance will vary by application and operating conditions.