Thermotech 149

TTG149 is a molded graphite material with a high percentage of carbonaceous components that provide superior energy absorption.

  • Outstanding thermal stability in high energy applications
  • Stable coefficient of friction
  • Good wear resistance

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Heavy Duty Power Shift Clutches, Wet Brakes, Transmissions

AVAILABLE FORMS Graphite Friction Plates

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Wheel Brakes, LSD, Transmission Clutch

MATING MATERIAL Steel Hardened & Hampered, Cast Steel, Grey Cast Iron
Surface Finish < 0.5μm Ra (20μ")

Friction Material Data

Static 0.135 – 0.150
Dynamic 0.110 – 0.125

Max Dynamic Pressure 3.5 N/mm2 (464 lbf/in2)
Max Rubbing Speed 35 m/s (130 ft/sec)
Max Specific Power 4.0 W/mm2 (3.4 HP/in2)
Energy Capacity 210 J/cm2


  • Grooves are machined
  • Sunburst and Waffle

Friction Thickness 1.50mm (0.060″) max / 0.04mm (0.016″) min
Friction Diameter 660 mm (26″) max

The above test data is provided for informational purposes and represents standards in controlled laboratory settings. Actual performance will vary by application and operating conditions.