CoolRunner 3 Optimum Metallic Brake Pads

Coolrunner 3 optimum metallic is a severe service and high performance synthetic metallic friction material that outperforms OE Premium and Aftermarket Service Heavy Duty ceramic or semi-metallic pads. Developed for cycle-duty mining truck and front end loader applications as well as severe service racing, CR3OM is now available for on-highway and motorsports applications.

CR3OM’s advantages derived from its ability to conduct heat away from the brake interface surface. The porosity caused by the finely granulated metallic and graphite particles welded together in a matrix allows air to circulate in the micropockets of the matrix. The macrostructure of the matrix is designed for both brake pad and brake rotor durability. Three high temperature synthetic graphite lubricants coat and protect the surface of the brake rotor maintaining its surface integrity and effectiveness.

Beyond the cost effectiveness and performance advantages in abrasive and high temperature environments, the product offers a high EPA Green Power Rating. The elimination of brake change outs conserves greenhouse gas emission by reducing the energy consumed to manufacture and transport cast iron and steel parts. The absence of phenolic binding resins means CR3OS pads are completely inflammable providing an additional safety advantage to all fleets, especially hazardous cargo.

In addition to the substantial cost savings of extended pad and rotor life, CR3OM features the following characteristics:

  • Withstands temperatures up to 1472F and is 100% fireproof
  • 100% swell-proof; requires no burnishing/bedding, even in close-clearance calipers
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing and finish; contains no heavy metals or phenollic resin
  • Runs clean with minimal dusting

AVAILABLE FORMS Clutch Facings and Buttons, Disc Brake Pads, Radius Blocks

CR3OM Technical Data

COLOR Silver-Gray


Metallic Yes
Aramid No
Lead No

MAIN FIBER Alloy Metal


Normal 0.45
Hot 0.50

WEAR RATE Superior

Ult. Tensile Strength 6,958 (ASTM D638-91)
Ult. Shear Strength 6,106 (ATSM D790-97)


DENSITY 4.15 g/cm

SWELL @ 392F -0.02%

SWELL @ 752F -0.06

The above test data is provided for informational purposes and represents standards in controlled laboratory settings. Actual performance will vary by application and operating conditions.