Case Study

Transit Disc Brake, Urban Rail


A leading manufacturer of rail cars and equipment.


Upgrade from incumbent OEM brake pad materials which suffer from chipping, cracking and delamination, while meeting or exceeding customer route requirements and international regulatory standards. Simultaneously the solution must reduce costs to support customers pricing strategy in a highly competitive market. In the second phase of the project, pioneer a sustainable 30 year high-longevity carbon-friendly friction couple (brake pad and rotor).


ProTec collaborated with the Customer and leading a independent Friction Material Testing Laboratory to simulate engineering requirements and limitations. Through all phases of design, testing and approvals, ProTec sourced the optimal combination of brake pad and rotor materials, achieving a 35% savings. ProTec provides a reliable supply chain to assure the Customer has precisely the parts they need, when they need them.

ProTec has developed a non- copper compliant and a non-tailpipe emission compliant friction couple to market in both rail and transit bus disc brake systems. Protec continually certifies materials through an exhaustive ISO 9001 Quality Control at each stage of the manufacturing and delivery process.

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