Case Study



Goizper is a world-leading supplier of brake clutch combinations for heavy duty manufacturing equipment, including stamping presses, metalworking and can bodymakers. Goizper’s customers were building faster and heavier equipment, conventional friction materials were not able to keep up with the increased performance requirements.


After extensive R&D and testing, Thermofiber 1600, an unique 80% high content Kevlar material, was selected for use in the most rigorous applications. Goizper clutch-brakes and flywheel assemblies are now standard OEM on all Standun B6, B7 and Ragsdale bodymakers. Goizper clutch-brakes are the preferred retrofit solution on Standun B2, B3 and B5 rebuilds.


TF1600 delivers high torque and smooth engagement, enabling stamping equipment to operate with 2.5 times higher throughput. Furthermore the clutch life was extended 4-6 times so the customer turned up the cycle speed, increasing his throughput, and still maintained nearly the same multiple of clutch life.

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