ProTec Friction Group

Custom Friction Applications & Reliable Industrial Parts

Our products are designed to extend the lifespan, performance and reliability of components used in customers’ applications. We are committed to providing relief from high OEM prices and long lead times by offering a high-quality alternative with dramatic cost savings, fast delivery and friendly personalized service.

How do we do it?

We are a small, lean operating unit which draws on a global consortium of friction design and manufacturing expertise to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. We’d like to become one of your supply partners. So, the next time you need an innovative friction solution for a difficult application, or if you’d like to find a reliable second source alternative to your current friction supplier, give us a try. We won’t necessarily solve every problem, but you will be impressed with the attitude and effort we apply in trying.

Let’s get started.

We may be driven by our innovative technology solutions, but we are inspired by the drive of our customers. We are that company.