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Motor racing is conducted at various competitive levels. Whether they are professionals or weekend warriors, drivers and their teams push themselves and their equipment to the max.  That’s why ProTec racing formulations are engineered for the “extreme.” ProTec management and many of its partners have tested our products in competition. We personally see to it that only the products that meet our stringent standards get the ProTec brand.


  • Competition Clutch for Street

  • Drag Racing

  • Truck and Tractor Pulls

  • Motorcycles, Hill Climbs

  • Go-Carts

  • Mountain Bikes

  • ATVs


Customer Testimonial


Dear Roy [President of ProTec Friction Group],

Blackline Racing is very proud to have worked with ProTec Friction on the development of a new feramic-alloy clutch facing for the high-performance air-cooled VW aftermarket industry. The fully-feramic clutch facing we were using previously tended to be a little too aggressive with the friction surfaces on both the pressure plate and flywheel; we were only getting one season out of a pressure plate and flywheel before the friction surface was torn up beyond resurfacing.

About three years ago, the fully-feramic facings we were buying in Sweden dried up. The company told us they were closing down the line that manufactured our facings. So the search began for something better and made a little closer to home. We called several companies, but since we weren't planning on buying a big volume, the only one that took the time to talk to us was ProTec. These guys were great to work with and had no problem dealing with "little guys" like us.

The final alloy facing that ProTec came up with was very superior to our old discs, and for about the same price. We have since run these alloy clutches in our own 140mph+ salt flats race car with great success. We have also sold many of these discs to 300hp+ turbocharged street car owners who are trying to stay away from a dual disc clutch system which can cost upwards of $1200.00. And we even have ProTec discs running in 400hp+ turbocharged drag race cars with excellent results. This special material has had a much better wear characteristic on the friction surfaces of pressure plates and flywheels than our previous material.

All in all, our experience working with the ProTec team has been positive from design to finished product. We would recommend these guys to anyone who has a clutch facing problem they need to solve.


Justin McAllister

Blackline Racing