What is FBD?

Common aftermarket brake & clutch parts use materials that are tried and true and generally do not require much in the way of innovation. But for new motion control applications or when a performance upgrade is required, industrial engineers and brake/clutch OE manufacturers look for friction by design: a specific formulation to solve a specific performance or design challenge.

But application designers, engineers, manufacturers and marketers who are looking for an edge face many complex challenges:

  • How do I fit the brake disc into my rig?
  • I need to eliminate dust from usage.
  • Give me 10% less weight.
  • I need this brake pad to last an additional 700 duty cycles.



How to select and specify the right

friction material for YOUR application?

This where ProTec comes in. We draw on a catalog of hundreds of different friction material formulations. And if a custom material is required, our formulation developers bring decades of experience to the table.

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Friction Materials